admin Dear Janice, We regret to inform you that Camilla Kolchinsky died February 16, 2016. We all keep in our memory and hearts name of the outstanding conductor of modernity and mourn the loss of a great master, Tanya Kolchinsky (sister)
Janice Dear Dr. Kolchinsky, It was such an honor to work with you during your last season at ECYS. It was truly a great experience. I know that you really toughed it out through the last year, and it just shows how committed to ECYS you were. Thank you so much for making ECYS the way it is today. I will always remember the last concerto and the very last piece that I did with you - Grieg's Peter Gynt Suite No. 1 and Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2 Mvt. 1. This season with the Senior Symphony, I am accompanying someone else on Chopin's 2nd Piano Concerto. It's kind of funny how the repertoire just comes back around again even after a short time. You will forever live on in my heart and in everyone else's! Many thanks, Janice
Oleg Yurganov A little more than three years ago, two sisters, Tatyana and Camilla Kolchinsky, decided to give millions of Internet users a glimpse into the creative journey of an prominent conductor of modern times, a graduate of the Moscow and St. Petersburg (formerly Leningrad) conservatories, a famous figure in today’s world of music… the phenomenon known as Camilla Kolchinsky. I was given the great honor of setting up a site that would reflect, creditably and with unimpeachable artistry, the real-world biography of a conductor whose life in art commands only the highest admiration. I turned to Tatyana Solodilova, a graphic designer I have known for almost two decades, during which time she has produced several outstanding layouts for my published fiction. She lives in the ancient city of Vladimir, and we have been corresponding, one creative artist to another, for many years. Tanya did not take long to agree, although admitting to me that she was uncertain whether or not she would be able to pull it off. A little digging in the Internet brings up a huge number of sites dedicated to well-known conductors of past and present, both those whom our memory holds in reverence and those whose musical gifts are still evolving even today. Polished graphic renderings, impeccable taste, and high-grade illustrations abound out there. But Tanya Solodilova jumped in with both feet, and in time, her first drafts were ready for the Kolchinsky sisters to see. The version finally selected is the one before you today. The second, incredibly difficult, phase was that of sorting through Camilla’s archive. The twists and turns of her life story saw her emigrating first to Israel and then to Europe. Considering that after Israel she worked in Norway, Sweden, Great Britain, and Mexico, each for several years at a time, one can only imagine how hard it must have been to keep her entire creative archive with her every step of the way. And so it was that when the photo archive was close to being fully processed, a near-complete Kolchinsky archive arrived from Norway, where it had been in the safekeeping of the admirer who had sent it on to the United States. To no one’s great surprise, the stack of paper was huge. The sorting began just under two years ago, and Tatyana Kolchinsky, Camilla’s younger sister, is still working on it to this day… Meanwhile, Tanya Solodilova was putting in long hours to bring Camilla’s photo archive up to the appropriate artistic standards, while my friend, Baltimore artist and photographer Genna Gurvich, was busy capturing the image of a conductor bringing her creative imagination to bear on the scores of the classical composers. Those photographs, which are now part of the site, allow visitors to make their own close observations of an eminent female conductor who challenged a centuries-old prerogative of men, whom she forced to acknowledge her right to stand almost alone on the conductor’s podium, accompanied only by Veronika Dudarova and a small handful of other exceptional denizens of the musical Olympus of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. Camilla’s professional biography and her repertoire, which reflected virtually all the classical works of composers past and present, basically completed the work on the site. Her creative range is quite simply vast. A great many prominent musicians of the early, middle, and late twentieth century and the first decade of the twenty-first - violinists, cellists, pianists - have entered the concert halls of Israel, Europe, and America to perform classical works from the mother lode of musical culture with the backing of orchestras conducted by none other than Camilla Kolchinsky. Rather than naming them here, I recommend that readers look for their photographs in the album elsewhere on this site. Camilla has also selected several live examples of her technical skill for the site, to showcase for listeners just a few of the orchestras that she has led over the years. There, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky, Glazunov and Shostakovich are revealed in all the beauty of their symphonic style, further honed by Camilla Kolchinsky’s unparalleled interpretive flair. Programmer Larisa Turlova (also from Vladimir) was hard put to produce the clarity of sound that would truly do justice to the conductor’s skill, but in this she has succeeded wonderfully well. I included the section of video clips because I wanted to immerse myself especially in the sonorous march of Beethoven’s musical genius, but while I listen, I cannot take my eyes off the conductor. Although she is standing with her back to the audience, her powerful will grabs and holds the attention of musicians and audience alike, consuming their feelings and their minds. Now, even though all the sections of this site have been populated, the project is still not over. Readers are eagerly awaiting Camilla’s book, which is presently a work in progress. But for now, visitors are encouraged to contribute to the Guest Book, perhaps to leave their impressions of the splendid Camilla Kolchinsky or to thank her for the pleasure she has given us all by securing for us such valuable face time with the classical legacy that she has always served and continues to serve so selflessly… Translated from the Russian by Liv Bliss
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